Being part of something bigger.


There is something special about the feeling you get when you’re part of something bigger than yourself.  I think it comes from something deep within ourselves.  I recently read Simon Sinek’s book “Leaders Eat Last”.  I highly recommend it.  In the book, he talks about the early Homo sapiens back in the caveman days, and how important it was to work together to survive.  There was this thing called the Circle of Safety and being part of the group.  When you feel part of the group, you care for each other.  And you trust that, if needed, others will care for you.


This community spirit is what has allowed us to survive and thrive as the human race.  We’re wired up to help each other.  Our bodies reward us with a surge of chemicals that give us this euphoric feeling when we do good.  I love that feeling.


I definitely experienced that feeling this week when I dropped off our very first Bochner Farms GivingColor donation to Meals from the Heartland.  The emotional feeling was so strong, it nearly brought me to tears.  Happy tears.  Joy.


So what’s GivingColor?  It’s 1 for 6.  Through our collaboration with Meals from the Heartland, we donate a meal that feeds six people for every flower purchase from Bochner Farms.  All flower purchases count, so the more flowers you buy, the more people you feed.  Whether it’s cut flowers, or daylilies, it all counts.  We grow beautiful flowers.  You buy beautiful flowers.  And together we feed the world.  I think it’s a community effort between Bochner Farms and our customers to help care for each other.  To learn more about Meals from the Heartland, visit their website at


Feeding the hungry has always been something that tugs at my heart.  I’m so thrilled that we were able to build this mission into our business model at Bochner Farms.  I encourage YOU to find a way to give back.  What’s tugging at your heart?  I encourage you to think about how YOU can make a difference.  It could be anything, give it some thought.  I guarantee you’re naturally wired up to be a part of something bigger, and to feel that euphoria when you make a difference in someone’s life.  How can YOU reach out to the someone near, or far, and make their world a little bit better?  I promise you, you’ll be rewarded in ways so powerful.


Let’s go out and be a positive force of good in the world.  We can do it.  Together.


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