Finding our rhythm


Although the weather is still cold and the ground outside is a blanket of snow, we’re busy inside finding our farm rhythm as spring quickly approaches.


We just moved into our new studio space, getting things set up for seed sowing and flower processing this season.  We are going to LOVE our new studio.  It’s filled with light and a big space to work.  But, for now we’re spending a lot of time trying to remember where we put stuff.  HAHA.  I’ll be glad when it begins to feel familiar, like spending time with an old friend.

IMG_3130 (1)

Under lights, we have hundreds of little baby daylilies that were created from our summer hybridizing program.  Out of all these seedlings, only a few will make the cut as they need to meet stringent requirements.  We’ll be looking for things like beautiful blooms, cold climate hardy, and prolific producers.  The daylilies who do make it, however, will be brand new introductions to the market.  I know this is super exciting to all the daylily addicts out there!


For our cut flower business, we’re really trying to scale our production to a manageable level for us this year.  We’ll have mixed bouquets at our local farmers market, as well as deliveries to a few key business accounts.  Our goal is to focus on growing the highest quality flowers and sharing them with our customer base.  If you’re interested in where to find our flowers this season, please visit


So we embrace the new rhythm.  A daily routine of sowing new seeds, watching for new seedlings to sprout, and caring for the tender plants as they grow on.  It’s a routine that feels comforting right now.  It’s been such a long winter here on the farm, to have daily tasks that require attention gives us new purpose.


I hope you are looking forward to spring as much as we are.  Only 3 weeks away.


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