Life on the farm


After nearly 2 years of planning, we FINALLY built a house and officially moved to the farm.  This will be a game changer for us for many reasons, and we couldn’t be more excited!


Easy access to the flower fields.

We own approximately 50 acres total, but the flower farm sits on top of a meadow area about 3 acres or so, that used to be cow pasture.  It will be so convenient to be able to jump into the gator and drive up the short lane to the flower fields!  We have only cultivated a portion of meadow area, and will be amending the soil heavily so we can expand our planting fields this season.  We are growing approximately a ½ acre of day lilies with plans to double that this summer. I can’t wait for the lily fields to be fully in bloom sometime around the 4th of July.  It will be magnificent.  Want to witness the magic in person?  Join us for Bochner Farms LilyFest July 13-14, 2019.

IMG_3165 (2)

In addition to the day lilies, we also grow about a ½ acre of specialty cut flowers.  We grow a wide variety of flowers that bloom throughout the season, so we’ll have farm fresh beauties available from May through late September depending on weather.  Seed sowing is underway right now, and we can’t wait to see these babies in bloom.  There is so much snow on the ground, it’s hard to imagine right now.


New flower studio.

As part of our home build, we installed a 900 square foot flower studio attached to our garage.  This is where we will be doing all of our seed starting, flower processing and bouquet assembly.  It’s such a bright and cheerful space, with big windows and natural light.  And it totally smells like dirt right now because we fired up the grow lights.  So many trays of little seedlings starting to grow.  I love it!  We also have a large walk-in cooler built into the studio which will be a huge asset for us during the height of cutting season.  Although we still need to do some painting and organizing, the studio is a vast improvement over our garage and basement in our previous home.  So grateful!


So what’s life like on the farm these days?  It’s been such a snowy winter, so I’m wondering how much mud we’ll be dealing with this spring.  Our two dogs, Rylee and Dot, are loving life on the farm, snow or not.  One of my most favorite things about life on the farm is being connected to nature.  I feel incredibly blessed to be given the gift of a gorgeous sunset every evening.  It’s like a fresh, new painting in the sky each day.  And quiet.  It’s so peaceful to only hear the sounds of birds and the breeze when I sit on the patio (in my heavy coat, gloves and boots HAHA!).  Oh, and did I mention the deer and fox that roam about?


I’m excited to share our story this season, and I’d love it if you choose to follow along the journey.  Visit to learn more about our farm, our mission, and how to find Bochner Flowers this year.


Happy “almost” spring!

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