Lessons in flower farming


Feeling so blessed right now to be taking the 6-week flower farming intensive course offered by Floret Flower Farm.  This is my flower farming idol, so to learn from Erin is really exciting.  Not going to lie, it was a huge financial commitment (and stretch) for us to sign up for this course, but let me tell you.  We are in week two and it’s totally going to be worth it.

The first lesson was all about goal setting and planning, really taking the time to dig in and get clear.  We also got a video tour of the farm at Floret, and Erin even answered a question that I’d posed after watching the tour.  Gotta love technology, connecting from across the country.  I was so excited when they said, “Lori from Iowa has a question…”.  How cool is that?


As part of the “getting clear” lesson, we made vision boards!  I highly recommend getting out the magazines, scissors and glue sticks, and really make a mess!  It was fun, and so enlightening.   I’m going to let you get a little glimpse of the craziness that is inside my head and show you my vision board for 2018.  Kind of a cluttered hot mess, but that’s life right now.  Regardless, I’m looking forward to staring at it every day.


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be learning about preparing the soil properly, growing the healthiest blooms possible, and harvesting techniques to maximize vase life.  All this is coming at the perfect time as we map out the farm planting beds, build out our seed sowing schedule and really put our dreams into action.


Toward the end of the 6-week course there is a section about marketing our flower business and focusing our business model to what works for us.  As a lifelong learner, I’m really excited to dive deep into this section.  So fun!

Right now our heads are swirling with dreams, absorbing massive amounts of information and building confidence.  All very crucial for us, as we embark on this exciting AND SCARY flower farming journey.  I hope your 2018 is off to a great start and all your dreams for the year come into full bloom.  Happy January!

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