Back to school


Today, the workshop materials arrived for the flower farming class we are starting in January.  I’m so excited to take this class!  If there was one thing this past season taught us, it was that we have A LOT to learn.

The course is being offered by Floret Flower Farm, my flower farming idol. To have the opportunity to learn from Erin and her team is like a dream.  I’ve tried to attend her workshop in the past, and it always sold out before I was able to register.  The class starts on January 8th and we’ll learn how to plan the farm, prepare the soil, manage weeds and pests, nurture the flowers to be the healthiest they can be, and even how to package, market and sell our flowers.


As a lifelong learner, I’m eager to dig in and really go after this flower farming adventure.  We can do this!  Oh, and if you want to drool over some seriously amazing flowers, check out Floret’s website at

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