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Our mission is to inspire love and kindness through the beauty of flowers. As I work on building our business plans for 2018, it’s so apparent this is the perfect mission for our little flower farm. Through our “Color it forward” program, we donate a meal (feeding 6 people) for every flower purchase.  And, we’re working on exciting plans for a special charity event in our hometown where we hope to feed hundreds of people locally and around the world.

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As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to inspire love and kindness through the beauty of flowers. Have you ever thought about the interesting ways that flowers show up in those special life moments? They show up in moments of joy – maybe a promotion at work, a wedding, or a new house. Flowers also show up in moments of comfort – maybe a hospital stay, a personal setback, or paying respect to a loved one who passed away.   Why do you suppose that is?

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I believe it’s because flowers inspire love and kindness. With so many beautiful and colorful varieties to choose from, they are truly a work of art. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to grow beautiful flowers on our farm and share them with others.

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Happy Thanksgiving. May your holiday be filled with the love and kindness of family and friends…and a festive dinner table decorated with flowers, of course.

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